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Care of Your Boiler

Torquay Manor BoilerIt is recommended that your boiler be tested by hydraulic pressure to 150% of the design working pressure every four years by a competent person.

Any alteration carried out to, or holes drilled in, the boiler will need to be followed by a further proof test as above.

A safety valve constructed and set in accordance with BS6759 must be fitted.

To ensure the continued safe working of your boiler we would suggest the following basic procedures be carried out each time you use the boiler:

  • A visual examination of external parts and fittings should be carried out;
  • Keep the flue tubes swept clean and the smokebox free of ash and soot;
  • Make sure there is always adequate water in the boiler to keep the firebox crown covered otherwise serious damage may result;
  • When lighting the fire use a blower of such size that steam is raised slowly to avoid rapid expansion of the boiler, which may cause damage.

If you have any queries concerning the safe use of your boiler please do not hesitate to contact us.

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